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October 16, 2019 @ 8:00 am

The Products Offered by the Best EPS Foam Fabrication Company

EPS is actually a shortened term for expanded polystyrene, and it is described to be tough and rigid in texture, white in color, made from pre-expanded beads of polystyrene, lightweight, and as closed-cell insulation. There is actually a debate when it comes to the EPS and the term Styrofoam, in which the latter is actually a trademark or trade name of a foam manufacturing company. Just for clarification purposes, the term Styrofoam is actually an XPS foam, which stands for extruded polystyrene foam. Even though both of these kinds of polystyrene foams have similar functions and applications, still they are different from each other. Both of the XPS foam and the EPS foam are being developed and made for craft applications, thermal insulation, and construction, but in this article, we are going to focus more about the EPS foam. Apart from having a good or high thermal insulation, some of the other advantages of using EPS foam include compression resistant, high shock absorbency characteristics, lightweight and portable, easily laminated with the use of epoxy resin, resistant to moisture because of its good damping properties, extremely durable, easy to recycle, versatile in strength, often branded by adhesive labeling or printing, and typically manufactured and easy to be molded into various compression materials, shapes, and sizes. In construction, the EPS foam are commonly being used as insulation materials for roofing, foundations, and walls, and some of the benefits that a construction company or the people may obtain from using and applying such material on their buildings include low cost, chemical inertness, sustainability, it won’t decay over time, no growth of bacteria, dimensional stability, resistance to heat flow, measurable energy savings, strength, and energy efficiency. The EPS foam is also being used for craft applications, and since this particular material can provide the people with lots of benefits and advantages, a lot of businesses have been using the EPS foam as the primary material of their products.

There are actually a lot of EPS foam fabrication companies all over the world, and one of the best companies is actually located in Baldwin, Georgia. This particular company is actually specializing in producing various products made from polystyrene foam, and some of their products include EPS foams, Styrofoam Spheres or foam balls, packaging solutions, logos, sign letters, props for advertising and events, movie props, architectural shapes for EIFS which stands for exterior insulation finish systems, and their most popular products of all, is the cake dummies. Their cake dummies are actually divided into two categories, namely the square cake sets, and the round cake sets. Their cake dummies are definitely ideal for the customers who wanted to try their ability in cake designing and to create a cake portfolio, and this particular product will serve as their faux tiers. They guarantee their customers or clients that what they can provide them are products of high-quality, and since they are a custom shop, they can produce products of various shapes, sizes, and designs based on the needs of their customers. Their products are commonly being used for residential and commercial applications, and most of their customers or clients include homeowners, sign companies, churches, contractors, crafters, cake designers, product manufacturers, florists, advertising agencies, event designers, trade show designers, and art directors.

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