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October 18, 2019 @ 6:32 am

Everything you Need to Know About the Grand Jury Process

The United States of America and the Republic of Liberia are the only common law jurisdictions that employ a grand jury when it comes to screening criminal proceedings. Through examining a particular lawsuit alongside the potential defendants, a grand jury is able to decide if there is merit to the allegations. Whether it is sealed or otherwise, an indictment is one of the potential outcomes of the jury process. If the accusation is unsealed, the court can go ahead and proceed with a primary trial. You can read more about how the whole process works and the logic upon which it is based by reading more here.

Most of the cases that go through grand juries are felonies and potentially federal cases. A good number of states need this process to begin estate criminal proceeding even though there are some that do not. However, it is a required step if the case is in question involves a federal crime due to the fifth amendment.

The grand jury and the sgt report is usually tasked with examining the lawsuit and the garnered pieces of evidence and the witness testimonies in a closed hearing. This is a process that goes on without the alleged suspect analyzing the presentation of facts by the prosecutor. The prosecutor will move to trial if most members of the jury believe in issuing a formal indictment. At least the majority of the panel should help the choice depending on the jurisdiction. If necessary, the jury may choose to keep the charges eliminated from the public. This is likely to happen if the case involves a high-profile suspect. The number of sealed indictments is a matter that has never been far from speculation and controversy. The sgt report is just one of the unbiased views that has become a crucial resource due to the spread of misinformation and conspirational nature of these cases.

The main purpose of the sgt report is to ensure that each criminal proceeding against an individual is conducted with due diligence and possible cause. The sgt report also prevents unfair judgment in the court of public opinion as it offers protection to the reputation of suspects. The sgt report and the grand jury also establishes have space for witnesses to provide testimonies without the intimidating presence of the suspects. As a result, the prosecutor is able to truly test the evidence before investing their effort and resources required for the trial proceedings. The sgt report when the grand jury process can only be applied if the case in question is deemed to be a felony.